Monday, December 3, 2012

Hair Diary #3 Black Tea Rinse

Hey you guys!!! How’s everything? I know it’s been a long time and sorry to keep you hanging, but now I’m back. On my previous hair diary post I told you guys I twisted my hair up and besides my Knot Today leave in conditioner the only other product I had in my hair was Coconut Oil. Below I will post a video I did the next day of my Coconut Oil only twist out results.

So the twist out lasted longer than expected. There was a death in the family and the funeral fell around my hair washing day so it didn’t happen lol. I actually wore the twist out for a full two weeks. That’s long for me because I’m the wash my hair every week type of girl. Believe it or not though I liked it, it gave me more time of a style and a break from a whole day or half a day of washing my hair every week. So lately I’ve been washing it every 2 weeks instead of weekly. I think this may only last during the colder months.

Besides that I continued to DC (regular homemade) on dry hair and still LOVING it. I’m actually quite mad I stopped to do it on wet hair. Uggh!! It is such a breeze.  I finger detangle a little bit before I apply the DC to my hair. After it is fully applied to my hair I add my black tea rinse. This by the way is making a tremendous difference to my hair shedding. I will post pictures below showing you how much shed hair I got detangling while my hair was dry and also detangling in the shower every 2 weeks.

I keep the black tea in two of these bottles so it's easy to pour out without the mess

This was the 2nd go around after the trimmed ends and this is my shed hair of  the week (L-R) Dry, In the shower

This is the 3rd go around the hair in the hair stopper is shed hair of 2wks in the shower and on the side is dry
Shed hair from the hair stopper taken out and the dry detangling

I also added another new thing into my regimen. I did it on my last wash it is called the hair smoothie. It consists of Avocado, Banana, Coconut Milk, Egg and Honey. I will be using this hair smoothie probably once a month so I will use it again when I wash my hair next week. It is like a medium protein treatment so if your hair loves and needs protein give it a go, If not this may not be for you. I will post her video where she shows how to make the smoothie and the benefits of each item included in the smoothie.

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